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  • Be Gopher Great!


      Clinton Prairie Parents,

      The tragedy in Florida on Wednesday, February 14th reminds us all of the importance of safety and security in schools.  We want to assure our families that our school has an updated school safety plan that has been created and reviewed in collaboration with local law enforcement.  The members of our staff have been trained on the specifics of this plan, and we conduct periodic drills to ensure that everyone knows their role during a crisis.  Our school also has specific protocol for entry to our schools, and we appreciate the understanding of our parents as we enforce these protocols for the safety of our children.  The safety of our students remains our highest priority.  If you have further questions regarding the safety of our students, feel free to contact our school administration offices at:

      Clinton Prairie Elementary: 765.654.4473
      Clinton Prairie Jr. Sr. High School: 765.659.3305
      Clinton Prairie Administration Building: 765.659.1339

      Clinton Prairie Administrative Team
    • The entire Clinton Prairie family of teachers, staff, and administrators are working diligently each day to provide the very best education in the state to our roughly 700 students in grades kindergarten through sixth.  The teachers are well versed in many instructional techniques to create productive citizens for Clinton County and Indiana.  The many programs offered at Clinton Prairie are sure to meet the diverse needs of all students.  You are encouraged to browse our website or schedule a visit to see what sets CP apart from all other elementary schools.

      We are Gopher Great!
      Why Are You Prairie Proud?

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